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Critical Thinking Skills (Virtual - Online)

Business Analyst Critical Thinking


The importance of using critical thinking skills cannot be stressed enough when you think of the millions of dollars wasted every day in organizations. Critical thinkers are able to balance logical, creative and intuitive thinking to make effective, informed, balanced and fair decisions. In this hands-on, dynamic and interactive workshop we will explore best practices and techniques that foster critical thinking use every day, and that can be applied immediately back on the job to make better and more informed decisions.


Summary of Topics Included

  • What are the different types of thinking?
  • Benefits of advanced thinking at work today
  • Benefits of applied critical thinking
  • Barriers to critical thinking
  • Exploring the thinking process
  • Learn the different types of thinking that can be employed
  • The competencies of thinking by type
  • Assess critical thinking competencies and skills
  • Personal thinking types
  • Determine your personal thinking type
  • Form concepts and strategies for critical thinking 
  • Logical vs. creative thinking
  • Recognizing arguments
  • Different techniques by thinking type
  • Utilize different critical thinking approaches
  • Applying intellectual standards
  • Creativity vs. innovation
  • Understand the relationship between critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Use critical thinking to improve your analysis to solve problems and make effective decisions
  • How to analyze problems and opportunities
  • Learn different techniques for problem-solving
  • Modern approaches to problem-solving
  • Applying analysis models
  • Systematic approaches to solving problems
  • Decision analysis
  • Deploying your decision
  • Critical thinking approaches of master critical thinkers
  • What will work in today’s modern workplace and what will not
  • Assess the success of your critical thinking