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Influencing Without Authority (Virtual Online)

Instructor: Bob Prentiss


Do you get what you want at work? Do you feel like you have exhausted every possible option to get your team or your boss to listen to your ideas? Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do they will never listen. The key to getting work done is political and collaborative skills: influencing without authority. How do you get the cooperation of those that you have no authority over? In this class we won’t just talk about the science of influencing without authority – we will discuss practical application. Bob the BA will share his insider’s guide to influence and how to move the mountain closer to your goals. You will learn powerful concepts, techniques, approaches and models to cut through the barriers and develop stronger relationships so you can do the right thing for the project, the people and the organization.

IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

This course will earn 7 Professional Development hours that can be used towards meeting your PMI and IIBA certifications. This is an instructor-led interactive course.


Our goal at Bob the BA is to help you think, learn and work differently so you can make an impact back on the job. If you always do what you have always done, you will end up right where you were before you were trained right?  So at Bob the BA, we take a different approach because we know we learn best by doing and not through lecture. Our courses are always hands-on, practicing through exercises, activities, facilitated discussions, case studies, role play, workshops, printed materials and presentations. 

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Leaders and project team members that wish to understand how to be more effective in their organization and getting buy-in from stakeholders of all types.


  • Define influence and related terms, concepts and application

  • Define and understand influence in managing relationships with sponsors, stakeholders, business teams and project teams

  • Understand the challenges of influencing without authority

  • Understand the landscape for your influencing effort

  • Tactics and techniques for influencing and why it is more than just friendship

  • Influence models, techniques and approaches and the importance of preparation

  • Understanding the role of stakeholder analysis in influencing and the importance of trust

  • Navigating politics and resistance

  • Advanced strategy for influencing in difficult situations

Course Topics

  • Define influence and related terms, concepts and application

  • Identifying the challenges faced without authority

  • A self-assessment of your influencing capabilities

  • The skills and characteristics of good influencers

  • What ineffective influencers typically do

  • Influence power base – yours and theirs

  • Modeled behavior and how it is formed

  • Understanding stereotypes and inferences

  • Influence tactics

  • Influence techniques

  • Influence models

  • Understanding motivators: why we don’t always succeed at first but will once we know the secret

  • Identifying the role trust, credibility and respect plays

  • Understanding the outcome of accountability

  • Influencing in a modern, ever-changing, technologically advanced society